Image by Michele Purin

committed to zero waste.


no plastics.    no harmful chemicals.

distinctive products.

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organic peppermint leaves & lavender buds

housed in biodegradable sachets.


the tea.

Marble Surface

the lip stuff.

an organic polish inspirited with rose.

the only stuff you'll ever need.

hiwa kai, lemon, seaweed, walnut, and salicylic acid.  

the face scrub.


a note from Mr. Slattery...


It is our pleasure to offer prompt, contact-free delivery throughout 

Greater Portland for

two dollars.


we ship domestically for

seven dollars.

Hello, comrades! 

Welcome to the apothecary. Here, you will find nothing but natural products

that are locally sourced and handcrafted with an emphasis on zero waste.

All packaging and shipping materials are reusable or biodegradable,

all carbon emissions from manufacturing and shipping are offset,

and all profits are entrusted in mutual aid projects.

"I've gone through so many 'natural' cleansers that are just garbage. Yours is perfect."

Julisse, Washington
Holding a Branch
Sienna, Washington

"My curls have never been happier! That shit is crazy." 

"If it's not SLATTERY apothecary, I don't want it."

Chris, Connecticut

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