if you want something done right. . .

    For years now, I have kept a running list of all the sundries in my life that have eluded certain personal criteria. A natural face scrub, for instance, that a company hadn’t presumed to scent or entomb in plastic; an organic hair product with knowable ingredients to nourish my quarrelsome curls; the perfect lip balm whose empty container I didn’t envision padding landfills or the stomachs of tortoises…


    Eventually, I grew tired of olive oiling my lips and salting my face with lemon halves every night, and I came to the realization that if I truly wanted something better, I would have to make it for myself. So, with little more than ambition and state mandated time on my hands, I began to concoct a more sustainable personal existence. And, even after years of research and development, I am still astonished by the excellence of the lotions and potions that I have been able to create. 


    Having failed arts high school chemistry, perfecting certain cosmetic formulations came as no effortless endeavor. Every tube and every jar and every sachet in this apothecary contains the culmination of hundreds of hours of exhaustive research, trial, and error. I am tirelessly enamored with this project, and with every scintilla of my spirit do I stand by the quality, efficacy, and sustainability of the products that I personally handcraft. Consequently, I wanted to expand this personal project and offer my wares to the public as a vehicle for mutual aid. 


    Ultimately, I believe that the great scourge of our collective existence is rooted in the imperial capitalism that a criminal ruling class exploits in order to further the systemic immiseration of a global proletariat. As such, it bears to mention that any substantive response to the climate crisis would be antithetical to the international machinations of neoliberalism to which we are all subjugated, and therefore, this hypothetical institutional response can never actually exist to any degree of adequacy. 


    This is not to say that the onus of breathable air and potable water is reasonably relegated unto individuals, however. In fact, try though we may, our efforts toward sustainability will never be enough. For as long as people like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are rewarded for exploiting laborers in order to hoard inconceivable amounts of wealth, there can be no viable institutional solution to the climate and economic crises of which these monied malefactors are the cause. 


    Still, it remains important for us, as individuals, to engender a realignment of the social paradigm that is in better accordance with nature. Individuals can lead by example and impact their communities in ways that are often grander than their grasp. Reuse what you can, consume locally when you can, and dismantle the establishment where you can. It’s not often that one can consider the application of a lip balm or the imbibing of an herbal tea as “direct action”, but that is exactly the context upon which this apothecary is predicated. 


    I’ve overthought everything so that you don’t have to. The life cycle of each product I make is fully accounted for, and all profits earned are donated to mutual aid projects and community members in need. Undoubtedly, a legitimate confrontation of the climate crisis, and other injustices symptomatic of an unbridled oligarchical psychopathy, remains dependent on our seizing the means of production. A dictatorship of the proletariat in which there is no joy, however, is not one worth its struggle. 


    None of us asked to be here, yet here we are. Our society and the things it prioritizes don’t make any sense, nevertheless they persist. My goal as an individual, then, is to conscientiously succumb to the raptures in my life that uplift others. My goal as a member of my community is to embolden and equip. Not just with fabulous fragrances, but with avant-garde means of critical analysis and engagement. The fragrances really are fabulous, though…


    All this having been said, I cordially invite you to join me in pursuing a better world. A world wherein we aren’t ceaselessly confronted with moral and ethical dilemmas for acquiring the things we want or need. A world that rewards craftsmanship and community instead of capital and accumulation. I invite you to join me in conscientiously succumbing to raptures that uplift others, and I welcome you, comrade, to SLATTERY apothecary.