if you want something done right. . .


     For years now, I have kept a running list of all the sundries in my life that have eluded certain personal criteria. For instance, I have been long pressed in my search for a natural face scrub that a company hasn't presumed to scent or entomb in plastic. 

     At one point, I even resigned myself to live as a cutting board, salting my face with lemon each night, pining for a world in which I was not asking for the moon.

     With the advent of COVID-19, along with the unbridled violence of a racist police force, I saw brought to the fore the malice and incompetence of our government and mainstream media. I suddenly realized how few "adults" were in the room.

     I saw that if we want political equality, we have to mandate it. If we want racial justice, we have to take it. And if we want an unscented face scrub that doesn't destroy the entire goddamned planet, then we have to make it ourselves.

     This apothecary began in response to my personal needs, though I look forward to elevating and expanding its offerings with each new release as I learn and grow with the experience. Ultimately, I would like to develop a line of dental hygiene products that meet unprecedented standards of performance and sustainability.

     The wares peddled in this here apothecary are crafted with only the finest ingredients and the best intentions. The entire life cycle of each product is accounted for, and every dollar you spend that doesn't combat the climate crisis is channeled toward community members in need. If you have any queries whatsoever, please let me know!