the scrub.
  • the scrub.

    "I can seriously hardly see my pores anymore thanks to your face scrub, and I had 3 big pock marks on my cheeks and nose. Just about invisible..." - a regular scrubber.


    "We love the scrub... my face feels so soft and clean!" - another scrubber.


    "This is the best stuff you make" - my husband.


    hiwa kai is a solar evaporated pacific sea salt infused with activated charcoal, and it is the ultimate facial purifier. i have incorporated this force of nature with an organically extracted salicylic acid to formulate the ultimate, unscented daily facial cleanser and exfoliator for all skin types. 


    organic hiwa kai and lemon work together to detoxify.

    salicylic acid extracted from organic willow bark works with organic walnut shell granules to exuviate dead skin cells.

    and an organic base with seaweed derivative leaves your skin toned and hydrated all day long! 

    locally hand made to order, unscented, organic, carbon neutral, and never entombed in plastic.